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Undergrowth is a new magazine that explores nature in London by sharing narratives about the capital’s plants, wildlife and the people and projects that champion them. It hopes to tie together different strands of activity taking place in London and celebrate an overlooked but thriving natural habitat. 

We don't think you have to visit the Lake District to experience nature in this country or go on safari to see incredible wildlife, it’s all around us. 


Our first issue

We’re currently developing the first issue Soil about the nature beneath our feet, the people that work with soil and the food that is produced in it. As the basis for all things natural, we think it's the perfect starting point for Undergrowth.


We’re running an open submission and if you would like your work featured in the first issue, if you have an idea for a feature or would like to get involved in any way then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch

General enquiries and submissions:

Key people​

Mike Hankin - Editor

Rachel Lillie - Art Director


Mike and Rachel are creatives and educators working in London. Bringing separate skills to Undergrowth, both are passionate about place and the natural world.